Container GFS - K0

Capacity of the cistern: up to 60 m3

Occupied area: up to 50 m2

Container-type fuel filling station, K0 type is a filling station with ground tank for oil products storage and delivery on the territories of transport companies, farms and construction sites. It can be performed for use in semi-automatic and usual (without automation) mode and transported by road and rail way.

CFFS can be equipped with oil products filling system in the tank trucks. The system is designed for top or bottom filling of the tank trucks and for delivered product measuring.

CFFS can be supplied with the following systems:

  • oil products storage tank with total capacity up to 60 m3 and with a set of technologic equipment;
  • technologic equipment for oil products delivery;
  • filling station dispenser;
  • lighting system with explosion-proof;
  • technologic compartment;
  • tank filling system;
  • e-system of continuous oil products level control;
  • autonomous power supply system;
  • system of machinery filling in manual mode (without power supply);
  • system of oil products delivery control;
  • system of CFFS equipment remote control;
  • system of oil products filling in tank trucks (upper or lower type);
  • vehicle identification system.

Services We cared for all the auxiliary services for you


We provide a necessary set of documents for legalization of a gas filling station.


We perform works for installation, connection and start-up of a gas filling complex.


We perform design works for "cold" GFS (modular gas filling stations)

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